Classes are offered year round for ages 3 to adult.

For our youngest skaters, we offer Snowplow Sam 1 classes. Skaters 3 to 5 years old learn in Snowplow Sam classes specially designed to teach the basics of skating through games, songs, and other fun activities.

The basic skills levels are for skaters 6 years and up, starting with Basic 1 and continuing through Basic 6. Such skills as basic stroking, backward skating, stops, forward and backward crossovers, stops, and turns are taught. After learning the basics, skaters progress to our Pre-Freestyle and Freestyle levels to begin learning jumps and spins. Classes for beginning adults are also offered.
Gift certificates are available for Learn to Skate sessions at the rink.

For our January/February Brochure and Registration (8 weeks), please click here or register below.

Fee for new skaters: $100 + $16 SkateUSA fee=$116

Fee for returning skaters: $90 (10% discount)

For our March/April Brochure and Registration (8 weeks for Tuesdays, 6 weeks for Saturdays ), please click here or register below.

Fee for new Tuesday skaters: $100 + $16 SkateUSA fee=$116

Fee for returning Tuesday skaters: $90 (10% discount)

Fee for new Saturday skaters: $75 + $16 SkateUSA fee=$91

Fee for returning Saturday skaters: $67.50​

Cassie Shaw, Assistant Manager cassie.shaw@spectraxp.com 



Meet Coach Carlos Vic Walker! Carlos is one of our Learn To Skate instructors and is one of the coaches for the Hawkeye Skating Club! Originally from Ecuador, Carlos has been in the Coralville/Iowa City area coaching since 2006! He specializes in freestyle skating, moves, strength, and conditioning as well as hockey skating. Carlos has 35 years of experience in coaching, judging, tabulating and directing programs. Come say hi to Carlos during Learn To Skate on Tuesdays from 5:15p-6:45p or Saturday from 9:15a-11:15a or contact him by phone 319-202-4732!



Meet our newest LTS coach, Coach Haley Vihnanek! Haley has been skating for 16 years and is currently a Sophomore at the University of Iowa studying to be a Pre-Physician Assistant. She has a gold medal in moves in the field along with freestyle. Since the age of ten, she has been attending regionals! After previously coaching Learn to Skate and private lessons in Chicago, IL, Haley joined our team this last fall. If you’re interested in private lessons, the best way to contact Haley is by phone  312-907-3599 or by emailing Haley-vihnanek@uiowa.edu.

Meet Coach Katelyn! Katelyn has been with us for over 10 years now as an employee, lead counselor for our summer camp, learn to skate instructor and one of the coaches for the Hawkeye Skating Club. Katelyn is great with little ones who are just beginning, individuals who are learning basic skills and ones who want to work on off ice conditioning! Being one of the coaches for the Hawkeye Skating Club, Katelyn works with individuals aging from 3-43 who come together on Sundays for group lessons and activities on and off the ice! Katelyn is also accepting new students! Her email is rew.katelyn@gmail.com!

(319) 774-5920

1451 Coral Ridge Avenue Coralville, IA United States 52241