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Carlos Vic Walker

  • Carlos is one of our Learn To Skate instructors and is one of the coaches for the Hawkeye Skating Club

  • Originally from Ecuador, Carlos has been in the Coralville/Iowa City area coaching since 2006

  • He specializes in freestyle skating, moves, strength and conditioning as well as hockey skating.

  • Carlos has 35 years of experience in coaching, judging, tabulating and directing programs. 

Contact Carlos by phone 319-202-4732

coach katelyn pic.jpg

Katelyn Rew

  • Katelyn has been at The Rink for over 10 years as an employee, lead counselor for our summer camps, Learn To Skate instructor and one of the coaches for the Hawkeye Skating Club

  • Great with the little ones who are just beginning, individuals who are learning basic skills and ones who want to work on off ice conditioning

  • As a coach for the Hawkeye Skating Club, she works with individuals aging from 3-43 

Contact Katelyn by email at

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